SDG 13 Climate Action Issue Brief

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Sustainable Development Goal 13 (SDG 13) – to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impact is one of gravest existential threats facing our collective, sustainable future survival on this planet.

SDG 13 has many aspects that relate to action on buildings and the work of the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction.

The brief contains 1. an overview of SDG 13 progress to date, in particular regarding the integration of the environmental dimension; 2. Gaps identified, key challenges and policies to address them, highlighting the interlinkages with other SDGs; 3. Examples of working policies; 4. Key messages.

Read the issue bried to learn more.

13.1: Strengthen resilience and
adaptive capacity to climate
13.2: Integrate climate change
measures into national policies,
strategies, and planning
13.3: Improve climate
education, awareness, human
and institutional capacity
13.A: Mobilize $100 billion
annually by 2020 to address
needs of developing countries
in meaningful adaptation and
transparency of implementation
13.B: Raise capacity for
effective climate change related
planning and management in
least developed countries


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