Status: implementation

Area: Europe

Short goal: Enhance investments for deep renovation of buildings

Short deadline: 2019

Long goal: Enhance deep renovation of buildings to contribute to long term EU objectives in terms of energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

Long deadline: 2030

Progress: The project was launched recently and a first market analysis has been conducted in the 12 participating countries.

Associated member(s):


"ENERFUND is a European project aiming to develop a tool for stakeholders that will enable them to make intelligent decisions with regard to energy renovation strategies and financing deep renovation of buildings. ENERFUND is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme. It aims to enhance investments for deep renovation of buildings by addressing three components: public awareness and trust, funding schemes and incentives and trustworthy retrofitting opportunities. An analysis of the existing barriers and needs in these fields will facilitate the development of the ENERFUND tool, which will address these shortcomings and expectations. The tool will then be promoted and its impacts on deep-renovations will be monitored and measured. "

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