Trust EPC South

Status: implementation

Area: Europe

Short goal: The overall objective of TRUST EPC SOUTH is to scale up investments on Energy Efficiency (EE) and other Renewable Energy (RES) technologies in the private tertiary sector of Southern European countries, with particular focus on Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) projects.

Short deadline: 2018

Long goal: Contribute to the EU's objectives for 2020 and 2030 in terms of GHG emission reduction, renewable energy and energy efficiency

Long deadline: 2020

Progress: "The main outcome of the project are so far:- Market analysis in the 6 participating countries- Capacity building workshops- Building up of national discussion platforms- Setting-up of an evaluation tools for EPC, based on the Green Rating methodology(R) "

Associated member(s):


Trust EPc south aims at encouraging financing of EE solutions by creating up a framework for standardisation, assessment and benchmarking of EE investments, improving trust and confidence in the financing parties. Moreover, the project is aimed at promoting the adoption of EPC schemes for the realization of such interventions through a series of tailored capacity building and training activities. Ultimately, the project aims at mitigating the barriers for EE investments among private tertiary sector in southern Europe. Geographically, the project is carried out in Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain, countries showing a balanced mix of new and intermediate EE and EPc markets, in which we see both a need to improve the situation and a large untapped market potential in the tertiary sector. Furthermore, the project results will be extended to the Balkans area, thanks to the collaboration with the association of Balkan chambers and the network of contacts of the greek and croatian consortium partners.

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