GABC Member initiative: Sustainable Housing Design Tool SHERPA

Status: Implementation

Area: Global

Short goal: Expected Accomplishment 1: Existing SHERPA methodology markedly improved, made adaptable to various local contexts, and made accessible and freely available; Expected Accomplishment 2: Sustainability of selected housing projects objectively improved.

Short deadline: 2017

Long goal: Expected Accomplishment 3: Broad acceptance of SHERPA within the wider housing community of practice, leading to improved project designs in the low-income housing sector especially in developing countries and countries in transition.

Progress: First participatory design workshop held in Ecuador in October of 2016. Interested practitioners can sign up to the SHERPA mailing list at to be informed once the first version is publically available (approximately May 2017).

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The project will develop a free, easy-to-use, and locally adaptable Sustainable Housing Design Tool to assist housing practitioners in developing countries in designing exemplary socially and culturally responsive, climate-resilient and economically sustainable housing projects. A core methodology with indicators and weightings was created and a first working alpha version developed. Now, extensive field testing and the development of an easy-to-use, multi-functional user interface for both online and offline applications is being undertaken.

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