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The RenoWiki is an interactive, collaborative tool for the national renovation strategy community – to help keep track of and coordinate all the important initiatives aimed at breaking down barriers to energy efficient building renovation. The RenoWiki contains over 750 initiatives tackling renovation challenges in areas including awareness raising, skills and capacity building, financial and economic and policy and regulatory etc. RenoWiki aims to be an easy to digest executive summary of all the key initiatives for each country, and supports the national renovation strategy dialogue across the region by: Connecting stakeholders with experts running high-impact initiatives in other countries, which can help overcome barriers to renovation in their home country; Helping stakeholders understand how different types of initiatives are defining and measuring their impact; Helping the community come to a shared understanding of what ‘collective impact‘ metrics might look like, to help ensure that all our separate initiatives are greater than the sum of their parts Why not explore the all the great initiatives in the RenoWiki and even add an initiative of your own! Check out

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