CESBA Global Passport

Status: Under implementation in the context of Interreg European projects.

Area: Europe

Short goal: Definition of a core set of transnational Key Performance Indicators and relative metrics.

Short deadline: 2017

Long goal: Harmonization of assessment systems at building and district scale.

Long deadline: 2019

Progress: The CESBA Passport in under development in the context of the CESBA Alps and CEBSA MED European Interreg projects.

Associated member(s):


The CESBA initiative intends to harmonize the existing and future sustainability assessment systems, that actually produce incomparable results, at building, district and territorial scale. The principle for the harmonization of assessment systems is to establish a transnational core set of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) based on common metrics that form the transnational CESBA Passport. The CESBA Passport isn’t a new assessment systems and it doesn’t produce a rating. The objective of the Passport is to allow the transnational comparison in absolute terms (i.e. Kg Co2/sqm year) of the performance reached to measure the progress toward common objectives (i.e. Global Warming).

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