Knowledge hub: a Global access point for evidence base for goveronmence, industry, professions and research in the field of built environment.

Status: Approved - Project was approved in August 2016 and progression is on track to meet delieverables.

Area: Global

Short goal: "1. Detailed specification for knowledge hub design 2. Research report presenting findings and rationale for the final specification & business model options 3. Online Knowledge Community of CRC Nodes, projects and partners activities and contributions. 4. Dynamic knowledge hub of quality assured resources."

Short deadline: 2016 - 2018

Long goal: to develop a strategically reviewed research outcomes and reports for industry, goveronment and research similar to the cockrane collaboration in medicine.

Long deadline: 2016 and beyond

Progress: Project is at estabilishment stage and it should be available globally by late 2017.

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The Low Carbon Built Environment Knowledge Hub project is intended to deliver a key goal of the CRC-LCL to increase the access and use of research and evidence by practitioners and policy makers, and to provide an enduring platform for CRC Node of Excellence and partner collaboration. It will do so by curating and provide easy access to a wide range of quality research and resources on Low Carbon Living. The objective is to establish an online resource that enables access to the outputs of the CRC, provides a collaborative platform for CRC Nodes, and aligns the significant existing Australian and International resources for industry, policy makers, researchers and the public.

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