Resilient Building Coalition

Status: Ongoing

Long goal: To highlight the critical role of building codes in furthering community resilience, and the importance of incorporating resilience and the future impacts of climate change into the codes and standards development process.

Progress: On May 10 2016, the White House held an event on resilience in the built environment, titled “Resilient Building Codes" where America’s design and construction industry released a report on progress made on the resilience front since the Resilience Building Coalition announced the Building Industry Statement on Resilience in 2014.

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RICS singnatory of the Resilience Building Coalition. The Resilience Building Coalition has released a set of guiding principles to help the building industry adopt resilient design and policies. These include developing and advocating for codes and policies that advance resilience; developing “whole-systems resilient design” approaches for the built environment; and providing guidance, beyond the baseline life-safety codes, that recognizes the importance of fortifying property for individual and community resilience.

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