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Construction 21's Green Solution Awards Open for 2019



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The French Environment & Energy Management Agency

Construction 21's Green Solution Awards Open for 2019

Following a successful partnership at COP24, the GlobalABC is pleased to support the 2019 Green Solutions Awards. This international contest, organised by Construction21, is a great tool to promote climate solutions for buildings around the world. The Green Solutions Awards showcase answers to our ecological and climate challenges and serve our common goal towards a zero-emission, efficient, and resilient buildings and construction sector. 

A national and international competition, free of charge, open to all professionals from this sector. Submit your sustainable buildings, districts and infrastructures to show your know-how and contribute to the fight against climate change. 

Why follow the Green Solutions Awards?

This contest is the concrete embodiment of all statements on ecological transition: it promotes already existing solutions, integrated in buildings, districts and infrastructures.

Thanks to a worldwide communication plan, each participant – candidate, partner or jury member – will benefit from enhanced visibility among peer professionals and become a source of inspiration. In 2018, the contest generated 4.1 million views.



One contest, three categories

Organised by Construction21, the Awards include a national phase, where candidates first compete within their own country, and an international phase, gathering the champions of each platforms.

Originally a competition dedicated to green buildings, the Green Solutions Awards have in recent years expanded their scope to districts and infrastructures in order to take into account a wider variety of sustainable city solutions and actors. Buildings, districts, infrastructures, apply in one of these 3 categories!


Tertiary buildings, housing, schools, public buildings, etc., new or renovated, and already delivered.

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City blocks, eco-districts, urban areas, campuses, hospitals etc., the most innovative projects, totally or partially delivered.

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Projects and services related to sustainable city solutions: green energy, water cycle, shared gardens, responsible mobility, circular economy, etc.

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We would like to invite you to respond to the Green Solution Awards call of projects! Should you have inspiring sustainable buildings, district or infrastructure projects please submit them before 10 June 2019 on the Construction21 platform!

Share this call across your networks. The more candidates there are, the more solutions and best practices are disseminated. Candidates will benefit from millions of views on the Internet and social media (4.1 million views in 2018)


For any questions please contact Alexia Robin from Construction21.

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