Join us at the 2019 Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GlobalABC) Assembly



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Gathering all GlobalABC members to plan for a big year of building action

The GlobalABC Assembly gathers all GlobalABC members and is the primary decision-making organ of the GlobalABC. Besides presenting an opportunity for information exchange and networking, it determines strategic vision, monitors progress and approves updates on Work Areas and Work Plan.

This year’s Assembly is hosted by Natural Resources Canada in Ottawa and will gather GlobalABC member participants spread across 5 continents to shape the international buildings agenda.

Invited participants will meet in the iconic Shaw Centre a building fit for a meeting on sustainable buildings and construction. Among its sustainable features: materials that are regionally manufactured or recycled to contribute to the local economy; a comprehensive waste management program; low flow plumbing to reduce water consumption and minimize impact on water and sewage treatment plants, and many others. These innovative design features earned the building LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Gold certification. Read more about the Centre’s commitment to sustainability.

Key decisions to be considered at the Assembly*

• GlobalABC goals, milestones, and indicators

• GlobalABC 2019 Work Area objectives and work plans.

• GlobalABC 2019 work plan and the associated budget.

• GlobalABC knowledge products and events

• GlobalABC communication strategy

*Unless otherwise established all decisions of the GlobalABC are made by consensus of its members. Consensus is defined as absence of opposition by GlobalABC members.

We look forward to uniting our members again and working together on the road towards a zero-emission, efficient, and resilient buildings and construction sector.

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