[COP25] Enhancing resource efficiency and and reducing material footprint to meet climate commitments

12 December 2019 | 12 December 2019

One Planet Network 10YFP

Blue zone


The International Resource Panel analysis and projections show that a 25% reduction in global resource extraction achieved with such measures can reduce resource use to 143 billion tonnes by 2060, compared to 190 billion tonnes based on current trends. This would hold GHG emissions at 4.8GT CO2e in the period 2015-2060, which avoids 90% of the increase currently projected in this period. Global GDP would be 8 per cent higher, reaching 233 trillion USD by 2060, also with a more equal distribution of GDP per capita. As shown in an upcoming report of the IRP, more cumulative emission reduction could be achieved by implementation of additional material efficiency strategies. This event will demonstrate the contribution of increased resource efficiency to climate mitigation and the importance of considering resource efficiency strategies in climate mitigation plans and NDCs to effectively achieve the Paris agreement goals. It will showcase the scientific evidence, as well as policies and actions taken to decrease material footprint through the shift to sustainable consumption and production.


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