Beyond 2020: World Sustainable Built Environment Conference (WSBE 2020)

9 June 2020 | 11 June 2020

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Gothenburg, Sweden


On 9th–11th June 2020 Gothenburg will host the next edition of the World Sustainable Built Environment conference (WSBE 2020), called BEYOND 2020. The conference is organised by Chalmers University of Technology and RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden), with the support of Johanneberg Science Park and Gothenburg City.


What is BEYOND 2020?

BEYOND 2020 is a world sustainable built environment conference that will take place in Gothenburg 9-11 June 2020, organised by Chalmers University of Technology and RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden), with the support of Johanneberg Science Park and Gothenburg City. The mission of the conference is to link the global building sector to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and to define its role towards the achievement of 2030 objectives.

As our global population continues to grow it is crucial that we contribute with tangible solutions and building pathways driven by and integrated in Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG 11).

BEYOND 2020 aims at sharing insights in various sustainability-related fields, while also summing up key-learnings from regional conferences, taking place all over the world in 2018 and 2019 (see below). It’s important to keep a holistic view endorsed by a global perspective, as well as a local approach when planning our cities and communities of the future.

BEYOND 2020’s key questions:

1. What are key challenges of building sustainable cities and communities of the future in different parts of the world?

2. How can these challenges be solved by integrating UN Sustainable Development Goals?

3. What is the needed contribution of the global building sector towards the achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goals?

SBE Series

A conference series with a success track record.

BEYOND 2020 is part of a Sustainable Built Environment (SBE) conference series co-owned by four organisations: iiSBE(International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment), CIB (International Council for Research And Innovation In Building And Construction), UN Environment (United Nations Environment Programme), FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers).

The SBE series began in 2000 with a global conference in Maastricht (Netherlands). Ever since a global edition of the SBE series has been organised every two, and later on, every three years. Before Gothenburg’s edition in 2020, previous global SBE conferences were held in Maastricht (2000), Oslo (2002), Tokyo (2005), Melbourne (2008), Helsinki (2011), Barcelona (2014), Hong Kong (2017).

Each global conference is preceded by a series of regional conferences that focus on sustainable built environment topics in the local context. The series paving the way to Gothenburg global conference started in Taipei, Taiwan in October 2018 and will continue till November 2019, for a total of 15 regional conferences taking place all over the world:


Taipei, Taiwan (14-18 October 2018)

Eindhoven, Netherlands (5-7 November 2018)

Brussels, Belgium (5-7 February 2019)

Scilla-Calabria, Italy (16-17 May 2019)

Helsinki, Finland (22-24 May 2019)

Prague, Czech Republic (2-4 July 2019)

Tokyo, Japan (6-7 August 2019)

Milan, Italy (3-6 September 2019)

Graz, Austria (11-14 September 2019)

Cardiff, UK (24-25 September 2019)

Temuco, Chile (16-18 October 2019)

Thessaloniki, Greece (23-25 October 2019)

Shenzen, China (14-15 Nov 2019) – TBC

Sydney, Australia (18-20 November 2019)

La Valletta, Malta (21-22 November 2019)

Seoul, Korea (12-13 Dec 2019) – TBC

Cairo, Egypt (Dec 2019) – TBC


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