Sustainable Buildings Forum

27 September 2016 | 27 September 2016

Category/Theme: Other Buildings & Construction - Related Events - Best practices, international initiatives, reporting methodologies

Organizer: Ministry of the Environment, Energy and the Sea & Ministry of Housing and Territorial Equality of the French Republic; UN Environment, Economy Division

Location: France, Nantes


Summary: This Forum facilitated dialogue between different actors and initiatives on sustainable and energy efficiency. The GABC presented the first version of the GABC/energy efficiency in buildings initiatives’ operators Yearbook, which will be updated at every Climate Chance Summit. The following recommendations emerged from the discussions: - Develop the platforms for the exchange of expertise (web and meetings, congresses...) destined for decision makers or professionals. - Reinforce the mobilization, sensitization and the capacities of policy makers, managers, building professionals and private individuals - Develop monitoring and reporting of the energy performance of buildings at the national and local scales


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