Innovative Low Carbon and Green Buildings in Subtropical areas

14 October 2018 | 17 October 2018

Other buildings & construction-related event

ILCGBS Conference Secretariat

Taipei, Taiwan


Taiwan following the global pulse in pursuing a sustainable living environment has been striving to establish a comprehensive green building promotion mechanism for the subtropical region for more than decades. Today, in order to respond to the greater challenge of global climate change that lies ahead, we are calling for cross-disciplinary solutions, successful practices, community actions, joint effort and the creative ideas to elicit the innovative green building schemes and to enrich the way connecting green building initiative. We hope that through the knowledge transfer-platform of conference and the contribution provided by all the stakeholders, we may have better insights into the changing world and adopt concrete action to protect the plant in which we are dwelling. We look forward to meeting you in Taipei and believe that your participation will make the event unique and the interchange more fruitful.