Regional Roundtable for North Africa and the Mediterranean 2018

22 October 2018 | 23 October 2018

GABC Event

Moroccan Ministry of National Planning, Urban Planning, Housing, and City Policy

Rabat, Morocco


The Roundtable for North Africa and the Mediterranean brought together over 90 participants and provided an opportunity for exchanges of good practices and experiences. It triggered active participation and interaction amongst regional leaders from Algeria, Egypt, France, Greece, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco Tunisia and Turkey.

Particpants convened to develop a common vision for the future of the buildings and construction sector in the region, a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities unique to the region and to outline the framework for a regional roadmap with targets, actions, and roles for a diverse group of stakeholders. 

In line with the Talanoa Dialogue structure, introduced under the Fidji presidency of COP23, the event was designed around three questions: Where do we stand? Where do we want to go? How do we get there?

Speakers stressed the importance and urgency of actions in the buildings and construction sector to address climate change, and welcomed the timely organisation of the action in the buildings and construction sector and of this Regional Roundtable.

Morocco, hosting the Roundtable, highlighted the progress made nationally by improving energy efficiency by 8% annually in light of the challenge to build 800,000 new housing units. Morocco also emphasised the need to attract finance, and the hope that the GlobalABC could facilitate that.

In the deliberations, the importance of building codes to regulate and drive sustainable construction was highlighted. African countries are so far responsible for less than 4% of the climate change but rapid development and urbanisation, alongside the need to provide adequate housing may change this, underlining the importance of technical and financial support to redirect this trajectory.

Adaptation was selected as an area for in depth discussion and it was concluded that an informal interest group be set up to develop a proposal for a dedicated work stream under public policies.

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