GABC Assembly

19 February 2018 | 20 February 2018

GABC Event

Dubaï Land



The GABC Assembly takes place once per year as decided by the GABC members. Assembly meetings are open to GABC members and any other stakeholders approved by decision of the GABC. GABC member participation is mandatory. The GABC Assembly defines strategic vision, monitors progress and approves and provides updates on Work Areas and Work Plan. It hears and elects the Steering Committee and Steering Committee co-chairs which will then also act as co-chairs of the Assembly and adopt new statements. Decision making processes within the Assembly, unless otherwise established are to be made by consensus of the GABC members. Consensus is defined as absence of sustained opposition by GABC members. For more details see the GABC Framework document. To be prepared for Assembly:

- GABC Work Plan 2018 incl. budget.

- GABC communications guide and charter.

- GABC Work Area goals & work programme.

- GABC resource mobilization Strategy.

- 1-page ToR for potential new topics.


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