Climate Action and SDG 11 Roundtables

13 November 2017 | 13 November 2017

Category/Theme: COP23 Related Events

Global Climate Action (GCA)

Various Rooms, Bonn Zone (Bonn, Germany)


This High-Level event will show how the engagement of Human Settlements stakeholders have shifted into an implementation phase since the adoption of the Paris Agreement (PA) and the Sustainable Development Goal on Cities and Human Settlements (SDG11). The different sessions will highlight efforts to mainstream activities into a one action agenda. Ahead of stocktaking at the Facilitative Dialogue 2018 and the SDG11 review they will highlight contributions from national, local and regional governments and the private sector to  implement the PA and the Sustainable Development Agenda through inclusive, holistic and integrated climate. action for sustainable and resilient human settlements. SDG11 Day will explore opportunities to design and strengthen global and regional multi-stakeholder partnerships for action, including multi-level cooperation, and highlight successful initiatives that mobilize planning, transport, energy, waste, building stakeholders and the urban-rural nexus.


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