Human Settlements Action Day (Overview)

11 November 2017 | 11 November 2017

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Global Climate Action (GCA)

Various Rooms, Bonn Zone


Already over 50% of humans live in cities which are the centers of economic activity but also consume the vast majority of resources. Urban areas are responsible for a significant portion of GHG emissions,
while negative climate change impacts also heavily affect them. Sectors connected to Human Settlements have a significant impact on climate change themselves. Buildings for instance are responsible for 30-40 percent of GHG emissions. Yet cities are also innovation and efficiency hubs.
Decarbonizing and increasing the resilience of the different sectors in Human Settlements, especially where addressed jointly, can mean a considerable step forward in climate change mitigation and adaptation. This thematic day aims to: (1) Make recommendations for climate change mitigation & adaptation; (2) Highlight progress & promising initiative; (3) Outline how Human Settlements can contribute to implementing the Paris Agreement; (4) Promote actions/commitments from different Human Settlements sectors.




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