Human Settlements Day: Transforming the Buildings and Construction Sector

11 November 2017 | 11 November 2017

High-Level Event

UN Environment/GABC

13:15-18:15: Bonn Zone, Room 2 (Bonn, Germany)


Overall Narrative: The buildings and construction sector has enormous impact on energy consumption and carbon emissions and as such can make a significant difference in climate mitigation efforts. Different ways exist to transform the buildings and construction sector including identifying high-impact pathways, making use of Nationally Determined Contributions, engaging the private sector to overcome the buildings and construction sector’s fragmentation, and linking the sector to global sustainability agendas such as SDGs.

Among others, this event will highlight recommendations from the GABC technical event on 9 November following the GABC motto ‘towards a low-carbon, energy efficient buildings and construction sector'


10:00-11:30 Opening Human Settlements Roundtable: Setting the stage – Impact & potential of human settlements


13:15-14:30: Session I: What is possible? Pathways to zero emission buildings

14:30-15:00: Focus panel: NAMA Development for the Building Sector in Asia

15:15-16:30: Session II: Buildings contributing to Sustainable Development Goals

16:45-18:00: Session III: Transforming the Buildings and Construction Sector

18:00-18:15: Closing remarks


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