GABC Building Action Symposium

9 November 2017 | 9 November 2017

GABC COP23 Side Event

UN Environment/GABC, WorldGBC, GIZ

9:00-21:00: Location: GIZ premises, Canteen. Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 36, (Bonn, Germany)


How to achieve the Paris Agreement? Identifying key ingredients to achieving a low-carbon, energy efficient buildings and construction sector


Part I: Opening & introduction

9:30-9:45: Welcome (Rainer Baake, State Secretary for Energy, Federal Republic of Germany)

9:45-10:00: Keynote address: What does it take to transform the buildings and construction sector? (Judit Kimpian, Chair, Architects Council of Europe’s (ACE) Sustainability Work Group)

10:00-10:40: Status of the building sector & GABC activities

11:00-11:30: Financing large-scale energy efficiency building projects– role and activities of PEEB

11:30-12:45: Technical panel: How to achieve the SDGs and the Paris Agreement?

12:45-14:00: Lunch


Part II: Identifying the key ingredients

14:00-15:30: Break-out groups: Key ingredients to a low-carbon, energy efficient buildings and construction sector – public policies, market transformation, finance, and measurement, data and accountability.

Breakout group I –Public Policies: Energy Efficiency & Buildings as key to achieving Nationally Determined Contributions

Breakout group II – Market Transformation: how to engage the private sector to achieve the GABC ambition.

Breakout group III – Finance: How to access finance for the needed transformation?

Breakout group IV – Building data capture and management as a catalyst for moving the sector onto a 2°C pathway.


Part III: The Findings Reporting back

16:00-17:45 Reporting Back on key ingredients for achieving a low-carbon, energy-efficient, and resilient buildings and construction sector.

17:45-18:15: Summary & close

18:15-21:00: Networking event



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