The Internet of Energy Conference

7 March 2017 | 8 March 2017

Category/Theme: Other Buildings & Construction-Related Event

Organizer: Internet of Business

Location: Cologne, Germany


Summary: The energy industry is changing; traditional forms of generation no longer offer the earning capacity they once did. Moreover, while the development of the next generation of smart grids is crucial if Europe is to achieve its shared goal of 40% decarbonisation by 2030 what business opportunities does this transformation offer? How can energy providers find new ways to profit from grid capabilities in an age of disruption? And how can you establish yourself as a market frontrunner? This event discusses how the ‘Internet of Things’ is transforming the operational efficiency of the grid, driving significant cost savings, and how the Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling new business models and transforming the energy value chain at all levels.


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