Publishing date: 11/29/2019

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Launched at COP21, the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GlobalABC) is a voluntary partnership of national and local governments, inter-governmental organisations, businesses, associations, networks and think thanks committed to a common vision: A zero-emission, efficient and resilient buildings and construction sector. The GlobalABC functions as an umbrella or meta-platform – a network of networks – that brings together initiatives and actors focusing on the buildings and construction sector. The GlobalABC network currently includes 128 members, among which are 29 countries.

We work towards a zero-emission, efficient, and resilient buildings and construction sector through:

- Raising ambitions to meet the Paris climate goals: While the sector is a major emitter, it also holds huge potential for improvement. We work to raise the level of ambition in retrofitting existing buildings and future-proofing the investments that we will see going into new buildings over the next 15 years.

- Mobilizing all actors along the value chain: Faced with a fragmented value chain, all stakeholders – from design to construction, operations and demolition in the private and public sectors – need to play their part. We encourage policy frameworks that promote both uptake of existing, cost-effective solutions and private sector innovation – using sustainable public procurement as a lever to create markets and investor security.

Joining the GlobalABC is an easy process that does not require any financial commitments - learn how:


1. Fill out and submit the Common Statement and Commitment Form using this form

2. We will submit the commitment form to the GlobalABC Steering Committee for approval. Once finalized, you will be informed of the decision. 


The .doc version of the Common Statement and Commitment Form is also available for download, should you prefer to fill it out offline. If you have any questions about GlobalABC membership, please do not hesitate to contact us at 

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