Mexico - Secretariat of Agrarian, Land, and Urban Development (Secretaría de Desarrollo Agrario, Territorial y Urbano - SEDATU), United Mexican States

Address: Avenida Paseo de la Reforma 99, Colonia Tabacalera, Del. Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de México. C.P. 06030, Mexico


Region of Activities: Mexico

Type: Public Agency

Founded: 2013

Main Goals - General activities - field of expertise

The Ministry contributes to national and sectoral development through the implementing and disseminating of public policies, strategies for innovation, well-being, sustainability, legal certainty, efficient use of the territory, promotion of dignified housing and agricultural development. Regarding buildings and construction, the Ministry works towards a sustainable built environment through building code development; energy performance of cities; low-carbon housing sector; collaborative goals and innovation for the building sector; buildings-relevant public policies; and collection of Measurable, Reportable and Verifiable (MRV) information.

Activity related to low GHG and energy consumption and resilient buildings

Energy/climate/buildings-related activities: Building code and low-carbon housing development and policies; energy performance of cities.