Alianza por la Eficiancia Energética



Private Sector

Founded: 2003

Main Goals - General activities - field of expertise

ALENER is an organization formed by companies and representatives of civil society, which promotes the design and implementation of standards, the application of concepts, criteria, technologies and materials that contribute to the energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings.

Through the linking and coordinated work with different actors, such as academia, government, private initiative, international cooperation and civil society, ALENER promotes the development of a common climate change agenda in the building sector towards sustainable development in Mexico.

Activity related to low GHG and energy consumption and resilient buildings

A national coordinated agenda for the building sector in Mexico could drive the separated initiatives towards a common road to sustainability. As long as the ALENER and GABC agendas are quite similar it’s important to pull in the same direction and to receive guidance from GABC in order to progress with the set-out goals for sustainable development and the NDC's implementation.