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United Arab Emirates Ministry of Infrastructure Development

Al Nahda Street, Al Qusais


Region of Activities: United Arab Emirates

Type: Ministry

Founded: 1971

Main Goals - General activities - field of expertise

Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MoID) is responsible of Planning, Designing, Executing & Maintaining all of the Federal Buildings around the UAE, and also Planning, Designing, Executing, Operating & Maintaining all of the Federal Roads in the UAE. The Ministry's main strategic goals are to ensure integration and comprehensiveness in the planning and implementation of infrastructure projects; achieve balanced and sustainable development in accordance to the best international standards; and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Federal Projects to maintain sustainability to enhance the state competitiveness and keep pace with global developments in the field of infrastructure. The Ministry has committed to participate in the following GlobalABC Working Areas: Education and Awareness and Public Policies.

Activity related to low GHG and energy consumption and resilient buildings

Energy/climate/buildings-related activities: Sustainable Infrastructure and Housing