International Urban Development Association (INTA)

Address: 18 Rue Daval, 75011 Paris, France


Region of Activities: Global (60 countries)

Type: Global Association

Founded: June 1976

Main Goals - General activities - field of expertise

INTA is an unparalleled network bringing together the major actors in urban development: policymakers of national, regional and local government; business leaders in real estate development, construction, engineering, service provision, product development; preeminent thinkers and research institutes; influential architecture and urbanism firms, to jointly establish new parameters for sustainable and integrated development of urbanised areas. It has over 2000 members. INTA’s most known activity, the INTA Peer-to-Peer Advisory Service, brings members together to voluntarily work on a programme of a member city and share their proper experience in the management of similar projects.

Activity related to low GHG and energy consumption and resilient buildings

Energy/climate/buildings-related activities: Creating new towns from existing cities - places where cultures and perspectives come together.